Monday, 13 October 2008

kissing frogs and melancholy robots

linen napkin with Frog Prince embroidery

A while ago, to be honest quite along while ago I had the idea for the Fairy Tale Swap, I organized everyone and then began crafting for my swap partner Selena, and then we moved house, two months later and I finally finished crafting and filled a box with the linen napkin above, a vintage fairy tale book, a golden ball necklace to go with her favourite fairy tale the frog prince, and a few English treats. I parceled everything up and posted it to the US and returned home via the antiques shop across the road from the post office.

Then I remembered something, I remembered that I forgot to take pictures of everything to document it, so erm all I have is this photo of my embroidery of a frog prince doodle I designed. And the only reason I have a photo of it is because I was in such a tizzy over whether or not my embroidery was good enough to send or if I should try something else. The parcel arrived at Selena's house last week and she says she is very happy with everything which is such a relief as I was in a mild panic over it all. Well maybe not so mild but I'm quite relieved now.

and now lets talk robotics.

melancholy robot cushion

This robot cushion is what I made for the Robot Swap organized by the brilliant Claire (thank you). Both my swap partner Annie and I were terminally late with completing the swap, and I was in such a hurry to post the parcel off to her on friday that I forgot to take pictures of anything but the cushion. So if you want to see anymore please pop by Annie's blog Overmilkwood to have a better look at the goodies I sent her.

I really adore doing these swaps, you get to know other bloggers and it stretches the limits of your creativity, or at least mine, in trying new crafts and toying with new ideas, colours, and designs. Hopefully the next swap I join or organize won't have me being last again!


AnnieB said...

I LOVE my sad robots - thanks again

yours WILL be there soon...I promise!

Margy said...

The frog prince is adorable, nice embroidery work.

Craft Matters said...

I love your embroidery - very inspiring! Swaps are great aren't they? :)