Thursday, 11 December 2008

illustrated ornaments

a little toadstool
I have been having a play around with making a few more scrap fabric ornaments for gifts. This time with more illustrations done with permanent ink on a plain linen blend fabric. I ironed (shock horror) the doodles to set the ink, though not fabric ink this time just several art pens I have kicking about the house, well not actually strewn about the place, that would be too messy they are tucked away safely in a little blue zippered pouch with Russian dolls machine embroidered on them by the very talented Anna from the Russian doll swap ages ago... though for some reason I can't find where I blogged the pictures.. hmmm blogger being evil again I assume.
a cup o' joe for M

Hopefully M isn't snooping on my blog, he doesn't visit very often anyway so I should be OK to blog this little coffee cup ornament that I made for him.. its only going to be a glorified tag on his present but still its nice to keep some secrets for Christmas.

a little pug for my mother

I posted the pug ornament off to my parents yesterday so I doubt it will make it to Idaho before Christmas but one can hope. all set for Christmas? er no not really but I'm trying to be.. though I think I'm getting a cold which is just what I need in the two weeks before Christmas.

an owl in a tree

This little owl in a tree is my favourite, its from a quick sketch I did while at a abysmal fair after I had exhausted my supply of beads to make more jewellery and it was better to draw something than to sit twiddling my thumbs. I best get going now I have brownies in the oven and they need checking then I have snowman cupcakes to make... I may blog the recipes later in the week!


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

i love the owl in the tree!
you just get better and betterer!!

Apryl said...

vintage- I don't know about that but thank you very much... the owl in the tree is my favourite as well... he is a cute little owl.. but thinks he is quite the debonair ladies avian..

mayaluna said...

I love these Apryl! great idea to draw on the fabric, they're wonderful!!

muralimanohar said...

I'm hiding these from dd...she loves anything and everything pugly, thanks to our own pug, and I am too busy to work up yet more projects! lol

jillytacy said...

Oh Apryl, these are wonderful!!! I love the owl in the tree and the mushroom the best but they are all marvelous! What kind of pens do you use to make the ink permanent? Sharpies fade in time.