Monday, 23 February 2009

Sugar Scrub II

vanilla, rose and cedarwood sugar scrub

1 cup demerera (raw cane) sugar

2-3 tablespoons almond oil

2 teaspoon vanilla flavouring

1/2 teaspoon diluted rose essential oil

a few drops cedarwood essential oil*

1 glass or plastic jar with a lid, the one I used came from Ikea, but any jar with a lid will do, even an old jam jar.

mix all ingredients in a glass bowl (plastic will absorb the oil) until you have a nice slightly slushy consistency and then scoop it into the jar.

Apply the scrub to hands or feet (or any area of rough skin) in the bath or shower, rinse.

*cederwood is a strong scent and if you use too much of the oil it will overpower the rose and vanilla

cook's notes: this is the second time I have experimented with making sugar scrub, and this time the scrub is all mine, it turned out lovely, and I really like the woodsy scent of the cedarwood essential oil adds to the scrub, its fresh and left my skin smooth and soft without irritating.

the first recipe and post for my version of sugar scrub can be found here. Which I gave as a Christmas gift to Frizbe, and her daughter wanted to eat it, so I must have done something good.

brownie cupcake recipe coming as soon as I finish re-writing it!


Vonnie said...

I must try making some of this, my skin is a mess right now!

Apryl said...

my skin is a mess most of the time.. and I recently have developed a skin allergy/eczema type break out on my neck.. it itches like mad.. I love the sugar scrub because I'm horribly fussy about things in shops that smell like plastic...

Jacqueline said...

Yummie scrub! I must try this as well! Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely merry day and love ot you!