Monday, 30 March 2009

Time for Tea...

gorgeous wonderful coffee loveliness

...or coffee really, you know what I'm like. This morning I received a huge parcel of coffee themed loveliness from my Time for Tea swap partner Kathryn. Thank you Kathryn everything is so lovely, I'm going to light the candle in a bit, and have all ready stolen several chocolate covered coffee beans before taking a picture of the swap goodies. She sent me a fabulous latte cup, the aforementioned chocolate covered coffee beans, a candle with coffee beans in it, a metal bookmark with a coffee pot charm, a phone dangle with a coffee bean charm, cupcake stickers, and some lovely card stock that I can't wait to play around with...but I'm going to have to as we are down at the airport hotel tomorrow night and fly Wednesday afternoon so no crafty time for me, its holiday time.

tea card

What did I send to Kathryn I hear you ask well... that is a good question because I forgot to photograph everything but the tea card I made, and the tea time tag that I was so worried wouldn't be good enough for the swap. Yes I know I'm a ditz. I love how the card turned out through, with its vintage music paper, stained with black tea, and drawn with ink, pencil, and stamped with my lovely alphabet stamps. And as you will see I used the stamps on the tea tag as well! Big thanks to Vonnie for organizing the swap!

tea time tag

Right I have packing to do!

p.s. Katy I'm not addicted to fabric but I am having fun with it, you will know I am addicted when I come visit your house and steal fabrics out of your hoard! :P


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oohh you got some lovely coffee stuff! love the cupcake stickers!
hope your swappee has a blog or flickr so we can see what you sent her!

when you go to Katy's for fabric stealing can you grab me some too?!!

Chimeraccg said...

Gorgeous coffee stuff, lovely swap, I'm liking your printing and stuff :-)

Vonnie said...

Glad you enjoyed it!