Monday, 27 April 2009

Idaho and Seattle April 09

Seattle Space Needle

Random photos taken from our trip, these are only a few of what was taken, M hasn't finished editing them all yet. Most of the photos this time were taken of H and various dogs, but especially the latest addition of little Frankie to the pack. My dad found Frankie abandoned in the snow a few months ago. She was tiny and half frozen, had he not have brought her in warmed her and fed her by the fire she would not have made it through the night. If the snow and freezing temperatures didn't get her than most likely the predators would have. lynx, wolves, eagles, owls, coyotes, and other predators roam the woods, and deer and moose which can kill smaller animals.


Frankie and H soon bonded and were inseparable most of the trip, when we weren't gallivanting about town to Starbucks, coffee huts, Old Navy and the cinema. The only crafting I got on the trip was knitting a headband to match a red shirt that I had brought with me. Little did I know that H would decide it was a Headband of Power and that it was actually meant to be for him and him alone...hmmm still not so sure about that but the daffodil tutu shot is priceless.

H with Headband of Power and Daffodil tutu

H on the top of the Space Needle (I was not present, i was in Barns and Nobles looking at books and journals)

Coffee Shack in Sand Point, they are everywhere I just adore the coffee junkie culture everywhere.

a little coffee hut in Cle Elum

The little coffee shop in Cle Elum we didn't stop at having been slightly jittery from the coffee at Denny's already.. this picture was taken on the first day as we were driving across Washington to get to Idaho. It was miserable and freezing and our anniversary too.


H and Frankie

Nico the pug being patriotic


Chimeraccg said...

Great photos, Dh especially likes the coffee shack in the snow! we have friends just back from Vegas, it snowed the whole time they were there :-O SNOW in the desert...on the strip....usuall low for Vegas is 65 degrees, not -5!

juanitatortilla said...

Awh? I love these pictures!
Coffee shacks... Dogs...

Katy said...

it really is quite handy that you have a photographer as a hubby, your holiday pictures always look amazing.

Hang on - what's that chimeraccg is saying? Snow in Vegas? Cripes, the world is coming to an end, it was 90 degrees in New York state monday.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

you know what? normally i really don't see the point of small dogs & only like them collie/lurcher/greyhound size and upwards but that little Frankie is sooooo sweet!
hope you have a FANTASTIC birthday tomorrow with gallons of good coffee and tonnes of presents x