Friday, 30 October 2009

blood, rice and tears

Supernatural drink tumbler (diner coffee only)

Before we had a little jaunt down to the south coast to have a mini holiday staying at a lovely little thatched cottage (pictures soon but they aren't downloaded from M's camera yet) I did a bit of crafting while packing the suitcase. The crafting was for Flamesparrow who lives in Bournemouth and who we were going to visit and get to cuddle her new little flamechick. I had bought a lovely little red and white striped outfit (as Toby as I could find) and thought I would attempt to do something crafty for her as I actually felt creative.

another view

I didn't know what to make for her at first but I seemed to have remember promising her a lavender and rice bag for minor aches and pain so I dug out the small bit of tattoo fabric and H helped me sew it into a pouch and fill it with rice and quite a bit of lavender. H said it was perfect and that Flame would love it, because we made it special with love. H then wandered off with a box of wooden beads saying he had something important and secret to make.

tattoo lavender and rice warm bag

So I finished packing the suitcase, made a cup of coffee and then I looked at the new design your own tumbler I bought from Starbucks the week before, I had bought it for myself but hadn't gotten around to doing anything with it (hectic week from hell). The tumbler stared back at me and then I remembered Flame complaining that she didn't have a Supernatural (addicted to the show) mug like me (Frizbe bought it for my birthday last year and it lives at the shop for book group) . I thought I would make a Supernatural tumbler for Flame, using a vintage dictionary page (tea stained), red food colouring for blood (*ahem* I have misplaced my box of paints), and hand stamped Supernatural (which sinks a bit on the 'A' and 'L').

tattoo warm bag for Flamesparrow


Apron Thrift Girl said...

and here I assumed you bought the mug at Starbucks. It is incredibly cool Apryl. And I wished I had one of your rice bags as I type this. looks so warm and cozy.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

lovely stuff but i really want to know what H made with those beads!