Wednesday, 23 December 2009

a little faery dust

faery, faerie, fairy.... whatever
mini jam jars (the kind that you get when you order a scone with jam and cream or found at a hotel breakfast bar)
a handful of buttons
a few scraps of fabric
twine (a hair tie or rubber band will work too)
small piece of card
alphabet stamps
1 x child

*Make sure the jam jar is clean (glitter and jam not so great actually). Fill the jam jar with glitter and put the lid on tightly (you can tape it down if you hate glitter as much as I do)

*Use scissors (or pinking shears) to cut the fabric into a circle to cover the lid of the jar. (I used a slightly larger jar as a template)

*Tie the fabric around the jar using the twine, (hair tie, rubber band).

*Cut a small piece of card into a tag shape and let your child stamp faery dust, magic dust, glitter (ignore the temper tantrum that follows when you say to said child that they have missed a letter,blurred the ink, or no they cannot have the glitter back it is it the fairy dust pot.....then sit and re-stamp another piece of card because you are fussy and anal about crafts and the letters must be perfect)

*Have a mini breakdown when said child stomps off in a rage, leaving you threatening to cancel Christmas and call Santa .....after eating all the chocolate in the advent calender.

*Thread some buttons onto a piece of thread and tie around the jar.

*Add the tag and there you go one lovely little faerie dust decoration/gift (and a way to hide the evil glitter in plain sight. because there is nothing more evil than a child with a bottle of glue and a pot of glitter)

*send annoying demonic offspring to help Daddy while you have a cup of coffee (or something stronger) and steal the chocolate meant for Christmas Day.

(alternatively you could fill them with edible glitter, but I couldn't find any round these parts)

if only it made kids be good, calm, and comatose


Flame said...

next time, remove child from list of ingredients.

Lisa-Marie said...

Hahaha, Apryl, that made me laugh so, so much!

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love this! You can get edible glitter in Lakeland or the shop in Derby Westfield that used to be ProCook but now is something beginning with L, opposite The Pier.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ha ha ha!
well done actually doing some christmas crafting including glitter you are a better woman than i :0)

happy christmas Apryl x

Unknown said...

Thats very cute, I must send the recipe to my sister who has a faery stepdaughter x

Carmen Wing said...

Loose glitter = child? Brave woman indeed! Though saying that... our lot did make reindeer food with porridge oats and gliter this year... when Daddy was far, far away at work and thus not in danger of glitter heart attack ;)

Such a cute idea, loving your fairy/faery dust... especially the sellotaped shut bit!

Carmen Wing said...

oops, obviously that should be loose glitter + child. Maths never my strong point! *g*

Caroline and Jayne said...

How sweet xxx
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