Wednesday, 28 April 2010

upcycled tshirt project/book bag

Simple little project with very little sewing, a small book bag or knitting/crocheting project bag made from one of H's old t-shirts.

the project is really as easy as one, two, three...

t-shirt project bag
-1 old tshirt (I used a toddler sized shirt age 3-4)
-needle and thread (or a sewing machine because my had sewing is horrific)

1. pick out a loved t-shirt that is worse for wear. Turn it inside out, pin along the bottom seem.

2. sew along the bottom of the shirt.

3. turn the shirt right side out.. cut off the sleeves and then cut off the neck of the shirt. Tug the t-shirt material along the arm and neck holes so that the fabric curls over and fill with whatever you want.

The before picture of H's t-shirt, I have no idea where it came from the size is age 3-4 and there was very little wear on the shirt (meaning his head grew too fat for it and he had to go the the next size up).

Its a super simple project and can be done with any size shirt, use a large shirt as a shopping carrier bag (you could probably sew a small pouch out of a large sleeve to fold the shirt bag into to store in your handbag when needed). I think using kids t-shirts would make great lunch/snack bags and also a great way for kids to collect treasures when you go on walks or to the beach, as they can be easily folded up to store them and can be made from those favourite shirts that they can no longer wear.

I have seen similar t-shirt material bags in shops and if you google it you will probably find two dozen or more tutorials (I watched a youtube clip of a woman duck taping the inside of a t-shirt and using staples instead of sewing, whatever floats your boat really).

My sewing machine hates me so I need to re-sew the bottom of my bag though I carried a book and my phone around all day yesterday and it held up very well anyway. I desperately need a bigger sewing machine, nothing horribly fancy but something that will sew a few layers together without having a hissy fit at me. M machine is practically a tinker toy, and though it has been a great learning tool I could do with the next step up so I can continue learning to sew and make the things I wish to make (like more patchwork squares so I can make Katy help me make a quilt).

If I can get my sewing machine to behave I think I will make some shopping carrier bags with a few of my favourite shirts that have died a death (holes and stains) and add some doilies and buttons!


Chloe said...

This is awesome! I love how you can whip up something quick & cute to carry (^_^) I'll be trying this, thankyou!

Chloe x

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

that is a great idea - i have loads of t-shirts that unfortunately i have outgrown but i can't bear to get rid off - i see manga t-shirt bags in my future!

Unknown said...

Perfect bag! Kx

Miaou said...

Smashing! So simple but effective. If you are looking for a new sewing machine (I mean "new to you") then it is worth looking on ebay; I picked up a second hand singer for £60 and it's fantastic :o)

things we make said...

This is a lovely idea. G has a million shirts that are too small. Will give this a go (but MY sewing machine is bust - so will have to handsew)

Kitschy Coo said...

Great idea and the end result is awesome!

Izabela said...

this is fantastic project and very useful! I need a sewing machine because of so many ideas to make


Felinedream said...

I'm away to root through the kids' drawers to see if I can find any old yet funky t shirts.

Anonymous said...

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