Saturday, 19 March 2011

glass beads, rusty keys and why I love twitter

Beaded key pendant from Laura
glass beaded key pendant

This beautiful handmade pendant arrived in the post from the ever so talented Laura who gets to play with fire for a living. Seriously how cool is bead making? I assure you I don't want to have a go, fire and I have an unspoken agreement not to toy with each other ever. She is also a Browncoat, which makes her shiny in my book. Laura is one of the tiny twitter people that live in my laptop and phone. I don't know if I have told you this before but I think twitter is awesome. I have met some fantastic people via twitter, real life coffee drinking people. And tea drinkers too, but we don't talk about them.

You either get twitter or you don't. It's as simple as that. When I try to explain it as sort of a way to text friends via the internet I get an odd look from non-twitter people.

The majority of the people I follow on twitter are crafters, the rest are geeks, and most of the crafters are geeks as well so we all get along in out little 140 character bubble. The crafting community online is a really fantastic and supportive place, with everyone willing to share, swap, and help each other out. I, like many bloggers (I presume), am a bit of an introvert and quite shy, I don't have many friends in the town I live it, I could name them all on one hand, but the crafters,bakers, geeks, miscreants and vague sociopaths I know from twitter, blogs, and facebook are ten fold the amount of friends I have. And I do mean friends, I have met quite a few and they are some of the nicest most generous people I have ever known.

Vintage keys

A few weeks ago Laura tweeted me and asked if I would like some vintage keys after seeing some of my crafty creations using vintage keys that I have horded. I said yes and she sent me a lovely little bunch of vintage keys that weren't the right size for her bead making. Which had me asking what beads did she make with vintage keys. She sent me a link to her flickr and I drooled over the Monochrome Key pendant there and told he she *has* to make a red bead key pendant because that would be ace. Two days ago a red polk-a-dot key pendant appeared in my post. I wasn't expecting it and I may have cried a tiny bit at the kindness and generosity of one of my lovely 'pretend friends'.

I love twitter.

Thank you Laura. You are so gorram shiny.


Laura said...

Aw, Apryl. This is such a wonderful blog post.

Twitter is indeed fantastic. I would be very lonely without it. I am SO pleased that you live in my laptop!

Very chuffed that you like the key bead.

You, Apryl, are all kinds of gorram crafty geeky wonderful.

Thank you

Laura x

Talia said...

This post has made me smile, big time. I am glad I can count you among my Internet friends - you have sent me some awesome things in the past *coughhansolopicturecough*!

I sent my own surprise parcel out this week too, which I am looking forward to it's recipient getting. The Internet is fantastic for surprising lovely people.

I will stop this incoherent rambling now.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooh that is indeed a GORGEOUS beaded key! love it. I love twitter to and i think people that don't "get it" usually don't put in enough effort if you see what i mean? I like that i can dip in and out without feeling i missed something :)

jillytacy said...

The key pendant is wonderful! Laura is very talented! So are you Apryl!

Anonymous said...

Nowt wrong with tea drinking I'll have you know!

I'm with you on the love of twitter thing though, I've met some lovely peeps through it and it's by far the best way for me to keep up with my Glasgow girls. All hail the internets!


Juanita Tortilla said...

That is so, so sweet.

Twitter. Love it. And I love how I don't have to be grammatically perfect as well :D
(Did this paragraph just make 140 characters?)

Laura's beads-on-keys are just the sweeee-test things!!!