Friday, 18 May 2007

Anarchy and the Cupcake

I have been obsessively doodling cupcake related things in a notebook today, which hasn't really accomplished anything very much but has kept me busily in my cupcake dream world. I'm going to bake some tommorow morning though I haven't decided what flavours yet. But that mostly depends on whats lurking in the fridge and cupboards. Hmmm vanilla cupcakes with lemon buttercream sprinkled with blueberries, as I have one lemon and some blueberries that need using up. Any takers? will badger M into taking some pictures of one for me as the camera on my phone justs has one setting. blurry.

Frizbe says she will push me if I need pushing to do something and I suppose if doing soemthing dosent work out my husband and her's will eat all the evidence so no worries there then. as long as M dosent get ahold of the batter bowl before I've made the cupcakes that it. As for what to call this budding buisness venture, not sure about that have been combinging all sorts of things in my notebook today. Meridian Cupcakes is one of my favorites but I also quite like the blog post title I just typed in, I'll keep thinking about it and see what happens, at the very least I would like to do a little stand at H pre-school summer party. Off to daydream a little more and do some more doodles.


Frizbe said...

If you're going to be an actual real life business, then you need a decent name hon, cupcakes and anarchy do not go well, for selling lots of cakes to 'normal' people ;-) I like Meridian Cupcakes myself.

gin said...

although i like the posting title, too, i think in order to market towards the widest demographic (some of whom are going to be old and fusty, let's face it), meridian cupcakes is a better option. it's positive, cheerful, and has a nice ring to it. very cupcakey.