Monday, 1 October 2007

Antisocial Butterfly

Last week I got in contact with somone that I went to high school with, through the lovely myspace, and I realize that I didn't really know her then and I'm glad that we found each other now. Yes boys and girls I am that tragic, not only do have have myspace but facebook as well, admittedly they are mostly blank because I haven't the time to be mucking about on them all day, I'd say I have a life but that's a lie, I have housework and I have baking too and bloging on here obviously!

Back to the story, for the purposes of anonymity and unless she wishes otherwise we will call my friend J. I met J my senior year of high school though I think we may have had had a few classes together before that. I was always a bit of a misfit, to be honest with myself I was just a shy flower on the wall, antisocial buttery, that wasn't cool enough to be really outcast from teenage society. Goth I am not, I'm just not that cool, although my hair is currently nearly black, but that's a story for another day.

J and I have found each other on my space and we have something in common now that we wouldn't have before. We both have sons, and they both have the same H name. Small world I guess, but it proves that the Internet is good for something. It connected me with M and now it has reconnected me with another survivor from the Montgomery High Hell! J and I are e-mail now, or rather e-mailing through myspace, would that be myspace-ing? And it would be great if we could meet up in person if M and I ever sort out flying back to San Fran for a few days next spring before flying up to my parents in Idaho. Catch up on the gossip and all. Its nice to make new friends from old acquaintances, and J was always nice to me in high school and I think there are probably only about a handful of people I can say the same about. If she can remeber me that maybe I wasn't as much of a reject as I thought I was.. I still had glasses though so I was definatly still a geek!

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Frizbe said...

Wow that's great! lol at the same H name :-)
Remind me never to go near my space, I'm struggling with facebook being too much at times.