Sunday, 14 October 2007

Travelling to Idaho

Ok we made it to Idaho, H was great on the flight he only slept for about three hours but was really good thought impatient for the plane to touchdown. The drive from Seattle to Idaho was ok, we mostly slept through it while my dad drove, H woke enough to have a few bites to eat then when to sleep as soon as he was back in the car, before he had a chance to eat the chocolate chip cookie he bought from a Starbucks on the way.

When we finally got to my parents place it was with a great sigh of relief to not be travelling anymore. We met the two new pugs, Niko and his mummy Sissy (the name she came with honest) which we nice though a bit to happy to meet H and there jumping made him cry. H is now one of the pack happily playing with the dogs and cats.

We have been awake since 3 am, well H has been awake I on the other hand have been stumbling around seeking coffee and wishing there was an espresso machine and barista in the house! Its 5am now, how do I know this well there are about a thousand clocks ticking and chiming in the house that my dad has restored and fixed. Strangely you would think it would be an awful racket but its not you get used to the noise rather quickly and I think its rather calming. Well Except for maybe the bird song clocks, oh and there is one that sounds a bit like pots and pans banging when it chimes the hour.

Its Sunday today and I don’t know what we will be doing later, I hope to go out for a bit, as caffeine and consumerism calls to me. If I put a dollar to my ear would I hear a list of stores? Old Navy, JC Penny’s, Cinnabun, Starbucks, Hot Topic, Jack in the Box, Gap, Macy’s, Borders, Barnes and Nobel… as they say money talks, or perhaps its just that living in England deprives me of certain favourite things.. Although Derby now has its own proper Mall, it only opened Tuesday and we were there for it, though it was lovely and shinny and new, with a Thomas Kincaid gallery of light, and a Colony Candle shop it just teased at being a real mall, there is no mall like an American Mall, they just don’t have that same mall smell.

Right I’m off to fight the effects of jet lag with another instant coffee! Not as good as a Starbucks but it’ll do.


Angela-Brambleberries said...


I'm new to blog land and was just having a little nose at your postings, love the chocolate cake I've added you to my favourites, I'll be back for more recipe ideas.

Angela xx
P.S have a great holiday!

Frizbe said...

Not been to the new Mall at Derby yet, so judgement reserved. Hope you get to some shop soon though :-)