Sunday, 11 November 2007

Caffeinated In Seattle

So we are homeward bound now, in Seattle till Monday evening when we fly back home to England. Its been a really great visit to my parents despite H having learned a plethora of swear words, than you very much pappy and grammy. My sweet three year old is now a devilish four year old, ok he wasn't that sweet before and he isn't that terrible now, aside from having learned how to swear a blue streak. I wonder if I can get away with telling everyone he has developed tourettes?

We have been to the Science Fiction Museum and the Music Experience as well as Ride the ducks ( I think) . the museum was great, and not just for geeks and trekkies, trekkers whatever your predilection. Ride the Ducks is a definite must for Seattle, it was a great tour and H got worried for a second when the bus drove into the lake! Off to go get some more coffee and watch The Wizard of Oz as you do. Though I have the strangest desire to watch Buck Rodgers!

Thats all for now, more post sometime soon when home safe and sound, and aflicted with a jet-lagged 4 year old. I also want to say thank you to my parents for feeding us, providing us with a place to sleep, and copious amounts of babysitting! Thank you!

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Frizbe said...

Thank God you're coming home, someone to finally babysit my kids in return again ;-)