Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Grey Blue

I finally dragged my paints out and blew off the dust with the intention of painting one teeny tiny minuscule canvas that has been floating around the house for a few weeks. As if anything could ever be so simple as just getting my paints out and painting, oh no nothing so simple as that. When I dragged out my pallet I found that two paintings that I had done awhile ago had been ruined, there was mold on them and I was not the happiest of campers. I cleaned them up as best I could and decided to attempt to re paint them while I had everything out. the result is the above painting, and if you look closely you can see a shinny patch on the bottom half. Its not my photography, though I'm sure there is that too but the stain leaked through again so the painting will have to be binned. Which is a shame because I quite liked it. The stain? well I flipped the painting over and sniffed the back, as you do, eau de upside down packet of wet wipes left to fester while we were in Idaho.

the second painting to be redone is the one just below and it had less damage done to it so I'm hopeful it will be OK. The painting is just abstract, as most of my paintings usually end up being, perhaps something to do with me being left handed, perhaps not. The painting is actually more of a grey scale than the image below.

the third smaller painting I'm not happy with, I think I lost it after trying to salvage the first two. Later this afternoon we are supposed to go up into the attic to finally put the suitcases away after tripping over them for 3 weeks. Oh and its the ritual getting down of the x-mas boxes to see what has mouldered and how horrendously the lights are tangled if they even light anymore. ahh tis the season.


AnnieB said...

sorry to hear about your canvas hell, not surprised you are fed up.
Colours look gorgeous though

tillyboo said...

I think they are lovely, the colours are very calming.

Katy said...

Lovely colurs! I can't paint to save my life, so I'm very impressed with anyone that can.
I left (I say I...really it was DH but I accept responsibility because I am more mature than others in the house...not naming anyone there!) a pack of wipes on the leather sofa, upside down and with one poking out. We went away for the weekend, and now the sofa looks like sometime had a bit of a wee on it. Nice.

Meridian Ariel said...

katy- thats probably why whe have such a crap sofa, it has cloth covers you can wash but its on its last legs, and by legs i mean the 4 it came with and the two additional ones that are keeping it off the floor as the frame is bust. *sigh* its always has stains and stuff spilled on it.

well supposed to go do a bit of x-mas shopping im.n a bit so am gonna nag dh to let me get some canvases.. then of course i have to decided what to do with the