Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sardonyx and Me

amethyst, peridot, and sterling silver bracelet

As we will be going away on holiday on Sunday, I have forbidden myself to order any more beads. Obviously that wont stop me buying any if we just happen to be passing a bead store or two while in California or Idaho in the next few weeks. But it has the effect that I am limited to the oddments of beads and toggles that are in my bead box(s) which is not enough to make any necklaces but I have scraped together enough beads to make these two bracelets.

The first has small faceted amethyst beads and oval shaped peridot, with a bali silver toggle clasp. I know I have done several purple and green items, mainly bracelets but I just adore the colour combination. Something about the vibrant peridot mixed with amethyst just shouts spring to me. Thoughts of Irises, and lilacs, and purple tulips spring to mind.

close up of the bali silver toggle clasp

The other bracelet I made today is this one with the large rectangular sardonyx focal bead in the centre. I fell in love with the bead in the shop and had to have it, but wasn't sure wat to do with it until now. It may get taken apart and remade before I'm happy and M says it looks like a 70's watch without a face. Let me know what you think.

sardonyx, smokey quartz, black agate, and silver bracelet


muralimanohar said...

I *love* the peridot and amethyst one...GORGEOUS. Now if you could just tell me how you keep from panicking the whole time you wear a bracelet made with a toggle clasp like that. I made one that I LOVE, but I am way too terrified to wear it in case I lose it! :p I am contemplating changing the clasp so I can wear it, but that's part of the whole look that I love!

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Meri - I love the black bracelet!

Frizbe said...

I still think that would look better on a necklace, but you can always get another and do one to mach! tadah!

Kitty said...

The amethyst and peridot bracelet is stunning. So beautiful. x

Mel @ Skye Rocket Sews said...

Love it!Love,love,love that one!
I don't wear bracelats,as you know ,cos they seem to get in the way,but that one is stunning.