Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Three Horsemen Shy of an Apocalypse

amethyst and black agate bracelet

Not a great deal of crafting going on as Plague has revisted our house, H is quite poorly with a cold at the moment and has stayed home from pre-school today. In an attempt to keep him occupied and not to pouty we have packed his little carryon suitcase, painted a canvas, and now he is napping with very little protest. You know you are dealing with a poorly child when there is no tantrum at being sent for a nap.

While he splodged paint on a square canvas from The Works I darkened a small canvas down that I previously didn't like. I'm still not sure about it but I think it does look vaguely better than it did previously. H says my painting isn't pretty becuse I was using black but his was pretty because he used blue and red. I felt inspired to paint this morning but found it difficult to paint while keeping H from spilling things or sneezing into the paint pots.

I should be cleaning the house but thought I would mess around with the new camera instead of my phone camera. So thats what I used to take todays pictures. A vast improvement over the phone pictures I think. The amethyst and black agate bracelet that I made last night looks stunning, and the light wasn't even that great. Baking to do later, something with bananas as I have a fruit bowl full and need to clear it out before we go away.

H's painting on canvas


Annie B said...

I love H's painting - he obviously takes after his mum in the creativity stakes...

so, tell me more about this new camera...what is it? do look great (though of course is not ALL down to camera m'dear)

Kitty said...

H's painting is lovely.

I have a poorly boy off school at the moment - he is driving me nuts with his constant whingeing! He's not ill enough to be quiet, but not well enough to be happy - poor little chap.


Frizbe said...

I want to see your painting too!
H's is great :-)
Bracelet lovely too.