Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Spilled Coffee

Flapper Girl

I posted the flapper girl image a few posts back with a half dozen or so other painted pages, but I wasn't very happy with her something jsut wasn't quite right so the other day armed with a cup of black coffee I restained the page, and I think she looks finished now. Then I was doodling a skull while watching that show about the real crystal skulls with out Indiana Jones attached, so I painted it and added some black vines as you do.

skull and vines

And last but not least I have dragged out poor Lulu again, and added a little detail to her eyes. I think she looks alot better now, and the painting looks much nicer than the colours have come out in this image. I still don't know what I will do with her, I can't see putting her up in the house any where, especially with this move in the future. I haven't really had many sales recently so I'm not sure about putting her up in the etsy shop though I could do with the craft money she might provide if she sold. Though What I would price her at I don't really know. She is 11x14 in and is acrylic and ink on a canvas wrapped board. any offers?



Frizbe said...

Could she not go on the stairs in your new house? like the skull :-)
well done for getting stuff done today, particularly as you had my dd1 round! thank you!

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