Friday, 12 February 2010

Alice Inspiration

Listening to: Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit

I'm about to start crafting for the Alice in Wonderland Craft Swap, and for inspiration I have been listening to Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit (without the psychedelic drugs and paisley), reading the Looking Glass Wars, and sketching in my journal.

Reading: The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor

I highly recommend the Looking Glass Wars, its an alternative true story of the Princess of Wonderland Alyss Heart, a refugee from Wonderland who escaped death by her aunt Queen Redd. Alyss finds herself an orphan in 1860's England where she is adopted by Dean Liddell and his wife and taken to live in Oxford. There she confides in Reverend Charles Dodgson, tells him the true story of Wonderland, which isn't the fairy tale he will write under the name Lewis Carroll. There are two more books in the trilogy which I will add to my book list for when I am bumbling about bookshops and charity shops (I found this book in a charity shop in Derby for 50p!)

Also on my desk in a little frame is another piece of inspiration, Deborah Champion's Alice in Wonderland self portrait. I also have a larger print without the blackbirds that I bought for Matt's Christmas present but that has yet to be framed and hung on a wall when we finally decorate the bedroom. It's very inspiring but so is all of Deborah's work, she is incredibly talented and she is terribly nice too.

ohh its snowing out! Big fat flakes of snow, that calls for a coffee break don't you think? before I go get myself lost in Wonderland again.


Kitschy Coo said...

I'm patiently waiting for my supplies to arrive so I can start crafting! Thanks for the heads up on the book, it sounds good :)

niftyknits said...

I've been researching Alice this week too, I feel she deserves to be meerkatted. What surprised me was how many times I found her dressed in red, in my head it's always blue. I'm also a big fan of deb's long long stripy legs (my alice will definitely have stripy legs and red shoes, it's only right!)

Hells said...

That book looks great.

Mabel Morris-Minor said...

i have both other books (had 2 copies of seeing redd as the dog ate first 50 and last 60 pages of my first copy!!) and i have the hatter m graphic novels, no 2 son says they awesome!!!
will pass along next time i know flame is seeing you :o)
on georgina book 3 now!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!