Monday, 8 February 2010

teacup candle

teacup candle

I finally got around to making a teacup candle with my candle-making supplies I ordered before Christmas. Sorry the photo is bad, the lighting is terrible but the candle turned out great, its french vanilla and Linen scented. I played around till I found something I liked and that I knew my friend Frizbe would like as the candle was a gift for her. I also made one from a Denby sugar pot for myself, but I forgot to photograph it before burning it! I still have a lot of soy wax left so I hope to make some more candles soon, perhaps some jam jar candles as I have quite a few of those and no more teacups!

although there are a lot of coffee cups up in the attic. *plots*

OK I'm posting this now as blogger crashed on me twice and if I loose this post I'm going to scream. I promise more posts soon but it has been a busy week and weekend and I need to finish hoovering up the house.


Anonymous said...

Well done - I have been buying teacups to do this but haven't got around to it yet!x

Carmen said...

This looks so pretty. I've been on the look out for a pretty tea cup to make a pin cushion out of ;)

Amber said...

Lovely, would make a great gift, I'd love to burn the candle and then later use the cup. Double gift.

Anonymous said...

wow i love it! well done! =D