Thursday, 7 October 2010

Spider Jar

Spider Jar
spiders caught in a jar

a Mini Halloween Tutorial

1x medium jar
a small amount of fake spider webbing
2x plastic spiders


*Turn the jar upside down and place the webbing so that it goes up half the jar.

*Place your spiders on the webbing and then screw the lid back on the jar. You can add a small stick or some autumn leaves to make the jar more effective.

a super simple little project that kids of any age will love to do.. it costs pennies to make and recycles a jar. Harrison took great glee in showing the jar to Matt when he got home.


Frizforthewin said...

The cat behind looks suitably worried :-)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

erm wow that's a coincidence - you'll see what i mean when you get your haloween swap :D

that is a BIG spider glad its stuck in the jar!

Anonymous said...

Scary spider!! (I love the cat - did you make it?)

jillytacy said...

Great idea and it's recycling, even better!

Annie B said...


my gals will love this! X