Tuesday, 30 November 2010

rogue robin

Today was just a normal day...a normal day where I got brained by a rogue robin.

Imagine the scene, its snowing outside and I'm curled up by the radiator in a nest of papers, packaging, and badge making components happily crafting away. Harrison is in his room happily writing out some Christmas cards and singing to himself.

Suddenly from out of nowhere...thunk... something hits me on the head.. no warning. I look around and there beside me is an angry red robin.

I heard the thunder of tiny paws as Alys the cat comes running into the bedroom covered in snow.

I scooped up the cat handed her to Harrison and made him shut the door.

I slowly crept up on the robin, who eyed me with loathing and suspicion. I opened the windows. The Robin glared at me with its beady eye. I bent down and the robin went for my eye. Lucky for me I wear coke bottle glasses.

In a flash it was gone. In the opposite direction to the gaping window. Snow drifted in covering the windowsill and the floor beneath. I stalked the robin. I looked high and low, but could not find the robin anywhere, so I called the boy and made him help me search for it. We finally found it under the wardrobe.

It flew out towards the windows... but not the one that was gaping wide open and letting the snow in... the robin perched on the closed window behind the curtain and stayed there. With a sigh I opened that window and shooed it out. With a last glare at me it flew outside and disappeared.


jillytacy said...

That's quite an adventure! I hope tomorrow is less adventurous at least where birds are concerned.

Scrapiana said...

But where was Batman all this time? ;)

Serendipitychild said...

Awwww such a sweet story, thankgoodness you don't have good eye sight!