Sunday, 5 December 2010

pie chips and a mind lost

pie chips in paper cone

I saw a recipe on a blog somewhere weeks ago and I have no idea where it was and I didn't think to keep it but the idea stuck in my head that I could make my own.... especially as there was a lump of pie crust sitting forlornly in the fridge being ignored day after day. So I rolled out the crust sliced it and arranged it on a non-stick baking sheet, dabbed a bit of melted butter, sprinkled some sugar and popped them in the oven 10 min on a moderate heat. I then put some strawberry jam in pots for dipping.

Matt thoughts it was awesome, I thought it was fun, the Boy was not impressed in the slightest but that's ok, after a week of being stuck in the house with me due to snow I'm pretty sure I can't do anything right by him. Luckily school is open tomorrow.. otherwise I would have to spend the day rocking in the corner... I'm not entirely sure he would notice that anyway.

New badges have been flying out of my etsy shop as fast as I can list them. So have a look at my shop via the side bar and see what I've been up to with a little help from Harrison. Right now I'm tired, my mind is lost, I will finish listing these few badges I made today, and then I'm making a pot of tea and turning into a couch potato. *cough* *cough* oh and the boy saw fit to give me his very generous don't you think?


karen said...

looks like a delicious snack!! Came here via Lillalotta, great blog..

Julie said...

Love the idea of Pie Chips - they look fab. May have to give them a go

jillytacy said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I hope you feel better soon. Having school back in session should help.

things we make said...

mmm...pie crust! Good idea.