Friday, 17 December 2010

I may have overdone it with the edible glitter

One of Harrison's teachers is leaving the school for greener pastures so we needed a present sharp. The last few weeks have been manic and I was in a panic because I didn't think anything that I crafted would be suitable. How can a doll compare with bottles of expensive bubble bath and the like. So I decided to do something quick and edible (in the zero amount of spare time I have with sorting out the book and toy sale at school, wrapping presents and maintaining my grinch-ly demeanor.

I got a Christmas themed Wilton cookie mold from Jo-ann Fabrics store while in the states and had been waiting for Christmas baking to begin. The molds are cheap and fun for kids to help make them (H helped with a Halloween themed mold I was sent in a swap) but had no interest in helping me make a gift for his teacher. Possibly because they weren't for him to eat. The first batch I made last night was a horrific mess the bag I melted the chocolate in popped and dark chocolate went pretty much everywhere. Only two of the 8 cookies were decent enough for a gift, the other six were a disgrace and had to be eaten right away.

This morning after coffee (and everything happens after coffee0 I made this batch of white chocolate covered oreos with edible blue glitter. I may have over done the glitter a wee bit but they looked ace in the jar I put them in. I know they did because Matt was worried it would be too *nice* for a gift. I growled and said it was simple and nice and is only a jar, they are cheap enough at Ikea and something that is useful when empty of the cookies that is. Harrison thought the jar looked great and said his teacher will love it I suppose I will find out after lunch while I set up the tables for the book and toy sale to raise funds for new school equipment. Wish me luck.


Justine said...

Yum Yum Yum!!

Juanita Tortilla said...

Hey, gifts made from the heart are the best kinds. That's what I'd say!

Anonymous said...

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