Tuesday, 15 March 2011

popovers recipe


1 cup flour
1 cup milk
2 large eggs
1/4 teaspoon salt
butter to grease the muffin tin


1. In a medium sized bowl or jug mix together flour, milk, eggs, salt. Mix well, the batter may be slightly lumpy. Let the batter rest for about 30 minutes before you continue.

2. grease 6 cups of a muffin tin (or popover tin if you are lucky enough to own one.)

3. pour the batter into the muffin tins filling them three-quarters full.

4. place the tin into a cold oven.

5. Set the oven temperature to 200C (450F) bake for 20-30 minutes until browned and crusty. Do not open the oven until cooking time is finished.

6. Remove the popovers from the oven and transfer them to a cooling rack. Pierce each popover with a knife to vent steam and serve immediately with butter, jam, syrup and fresh fruit.

cook's notes: I had been wanting to make these for awhile but never got around to it until this morning. Muffins are my usual go to freshly baked breakfast but the popovers were easy to make and everyone enjoyed them. Matt and I had butter and raspberry jam on ours and Harrison covered his popovers with maple syrup. I would have liked to have served them with some fresh berries and bananas but the shopping wont be done until tomorrow. I read through many different recipes on Food.com and Martha Stewart's Perfect Popovers, then as per my usual style I winged it and went with the simplest easiest way.

I best go get some housework, writing and typing done. But first I must share with you a picture I took on the way into Derby this morning. A very creepy skip lorry... I'm convinced it's Reavers. (sorry couldn't not have this little Firefly reference)

there are gorram Reavers in Derbyshire.

I am such a geek.


Fiona said...

I love your American recipes. I'll give it a go.

Laura Sparling said...

So they're a bit like pancakey Yorkshire puddings?

These sound good. I must try!

Love the reaver truck! On my way to the shop I cycle past a particularly grotty area that I refer to as 'Reaver Town'.

Jessica Rodarte said...

Oh yum. I'll be thinking about these all day and night until I make some.

jillytacy said...

Looks delicious! Too bad I'm back on healthy eating again!!!

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