Friday, 30 September 2011

Crafteroo Magazine

Tomorrow marks the launch of Crafteroo Craft Forum's shiny new online Magazine. I along with the great creative team at crafteroo and especially the Editorial skills of Kerry have worked our fingers to the bone to make the online magazine worth the modest £1.50. The magazine is out tomorrow and is filled to bursting with tutorials, blogs, recipes, reviews and so much more.

I have written book reviews, app reviews, and a recipe for the issue and I would love for every one of my loyal blog readers to visit crafteroo and purchase the magazine for download. It has been a great joy brainstorming and collaborating with forum members to create a brilliant little craft magazine.

The idea of Crafteroo Magazine began with a wish to keep our small little forum running, all sales of the magazine will go towards upkeep of our little forum. Crafteroo is a small UK based craft forum that we started several years ago after several founding members fell victim to cyber bulling on another craft forum and decided to create a happy and safe little forum of our own. I hope that the magazine will do well and it will brink new life and new inspiration to our little craft forum.

Please pop by Crafteroo and say hello and have a little look at the Issue 1 Overview page and see a little of what the 64 page magazine has to offer.


FloRaeMe said...

Looks great, good luck.

Emma Thomsen said...

Wishing you so much luck with your Crafteroo. I'm sorry to hear about the cyber bullying. I'm relatively new to blogging and have never experienced it (although I have found certain 'blogging circles' cliquey and feel 'excluded', maybe indirectly) but I can't get my head around blatant cyber bullying, some bloggers must be so insecure to have to intimidate others. Hope the magazine is a big success!