Saturday, 1 December 2007

Painted Trees

I admit the images are pretty bad quality but I did manage to get a little bit of painting done last night, very small canvases but I'm relatively happy with the end product. In truth I did four, but the third didn't picture well at all because the light is not so good this morning. I'm hopefully going to catalogue all of my spare paintings lying about on shelves and hidden under stairs and collate them all together. And beg M to bring home a proper camera so I can get some proper true to life images instead of blurry ones. Obviously the paintings are of the trees I have been mildly obsessed with drawing for the last few months. Hopefully I will have a chance to drag some paints out again later tonight and attempt something a bit more festive possibly, I'll see what happens, because we still haven't got the Christmas boxed out of the attic and they need sorting too! oh and I have to babysit tonight as well, hmm perhaps I'll just do a bit of knitting.


AnnieB said...

these look lovely - so simple (in a good way) and reflective, look forward to seeing the others

p.s.glad you managed to recover after the wet wipe fiasco!

Katy said...

Yes, they are really lovely. Well done!

Shirley said...

Those are beautiful.