Thursday, 20 December 2007


Smokey Quartz and Silver Bracelet

Amethyst and Silver bracelet

Black Onyx and White Onyx Bracelet

Rose Quartz and Silver Bracelet

I've been a rather busy bee making bracelets, when I should have been wrapping presents and baking treats for Christmas. The smokey quartz bracelet is my favourite, its scavenged together from an old elasticated bracelet that broke about 5 years ago and I kept the beads hidden away in my jewelry box until now. The rest of the beads I bought from the lovely Clair's Beautiful Beads on Monday. They were supposed to be my Christmas present but.. well as you can see that didn't go so well, so instead I have place an order for more beads from on behalf of M who hates shopping for anything other than gadgets.

What am I going to do with all these beads you wonder, and me too. To be honest I don't really know, I want to make a few things for myself and some things for my friends, if they want. M says I should have a market stall and sell them, I don't know about that, I have been beading for all of one week so its a bit premature, but it does encompass two things that I love, being creative/crafty and jewelry. I would have to see if anyone would really want to buy them from me.. i guess there is always etsy or something, but i'm sure there are allready hundreds of jewelry designers on there. Let me know what you think.


AnnieB said...

Lovely - the smokey quartz is my favourite too. They do look good enough to sell so I reckon you should go for it. If this is what you can manage with a week's experience imagine how good you will be in a month!!!

Meridian Ariel said...

annieb- thank you I have hidden it all away now.. and M has wrapped my order not to be opened till x-mas, so we shall see, but i never imagined stringing beads would be so much fun. merry christmas