Monday, 31 December 2007


amathyst and silver bracelet

garnet and liquid silver beaded bracelet

garnet and silver bracelet

shell and silver bracelet

labradorite and silver bracelet

A few of the things I have been working on since Christmas Day with the beads I got from M. Except for the shell one, which I bought from a charity shop for .50p with an overstretched elastic so I took it apart to salvage the beads and am happy with the result. My favourites are the amethyst, only because I have a weakness for purple and the labradorite although the picture doesn't capture the true depth of iridescence of the beads . I also made a peridot and silver bracelet that my mother and law has borrowed as it matched the peridot green jumper she was wearing on boxing day.

in other news H is recovering from Santa's gift of chickenpox, M has a cold and I have a poorly throat. I guess there is always next year.


Katy said...

They are beautiful, really really gorgeous (and simple too - which is always a plus for me!)

Frizbe said...

garnet and liquid silver looks especially good to me ;-)