Friday, 8 February 2008

Hearts and Cards

Today M has given me the job of making some Valentine's cards for the studio, to be the presentation for some free portrait vouchers that will be one the table at a local (and very nice) Hotel. the above image and the little heart below are my crafting designs. I have made cards before, I once had a stint of them, many moons ago and as it has been so long it took me about two hours to design these and get them how I thought they should be... Simple, yet pretty, with the element of hand made, arts and crafts movement type of thing. I love the buttons anyway.

black water jasper bracelet

I was also asked to make this black water jasper and sterling silver bracelet for C at the studio.


Anonymous said...
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Katy said...

Nice Meri!!! You have loads to do - you'll be hating the buttons soon!!!, and cursing M under your breath ;)

Frizbe said...

Lovely bracelet, shame its the cause of a are fab too :-)