Sunday, 3 February 2008

purple and green

prehnite and amethyst bracelet

ruby in fuschite beaded bracelet

I have added the prehnite and amethyst bracelet to the etsy shop,.. otherwise I might be tempted to keep it, and that will get me nowhere in my sales. The other bracelet is ruby in fuschite, which is a reworking of a ruby in fuschite bracelet that i made a while ago that went a bit wrong. It had a rogue bead on it that didn't match the other silver beads so now I have re-worked it as simply as possibly. I'm not quite sure about it yet.. its a very delicate piece, as the beads are quite small but they are vibrant and I love the green with hints of well fuscia I guess. let me know what you think if it should go up for sale or re-worked yet again.

M has taking the paintings in the last post into the studio to scan for me along with a few sketches. The sketches are for a few t-shirt ideas I have if it all pans out in the end.


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

oh my god - green and purple - i'm in lurve with this one!!!

Unknown said...

oooh, yes - green and purple, how lovely! The painitngs on the prev post are lovely too, especially for being small, I think tiny paintings look really effective.