Friday, 15 February 2008

Recycle - Reuse - Re-craft a Challenge

Recycle - Reuse - Re-craft
This week’s challenge is to do some craft recycling! I started this challenge post on the mumsnet crafters site, but I thought it was such a good idea that I have added it here so that anyone can participate who wishes to in this recycling crafting challenge.
We all have excess bits of crafting materials at home, that seem to multiply so lets put those bits to good use. Repaint and old canvas, turn curtains into clothes, clothes into dolls.Alternatively have a rummage around your local thrift/charity shop and turn something unwanted and shabby into something crafty and chic. Pilfer the car boot box, Fight off the spiders lurking in the attic. Ask friends or family if they have any fabric, frames, junk jewellery, flower pots, floor tiles, anything you can get crafty with.

A Few Ideas:

Felt an old woollen jumper, or unpick it wash the yarn and knit something new.
Find an old wooden picture frame, sand it down and paint it and frame a painting, a drawing, scraps of fabric, old drawings in your sketch book that have been lurking under the bed collecting dust.

Recycle old beaded jewellery from something old and unworn into a newer more contemporary piece.

Recycle old jeans into toys, wallets, ornaments.

Recycle magazine or newspaper or old fabric into card craft.Paint old pine furniture, or boxes.

Anyone can join all I ask is that you take some before and after pictures of your recycled crafts and post them on your blog with a link back to me or mumsnet arts and crafts blog. You can use the recycle reuse recraft image if you choose to participate. And no cheating and buying new!
Most of all have fun and Recycle, Reuse and Re-craft.

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