Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Cake Stand Tutorial

cake stand

Cake Stand Tutorial

What You Need:

* a pretty plate
* an old candlestick, vase (small and sturdy with a wide base is best), large espresso shot glass, or a thick glass
* super glue, or craft glue ( I used superglue as I never seem to have much luck with craft glue)
* tape (masking, cella or craft tape)


1. Choose your plate and base, and make sure that the plate balances on the candlestick (or other base)

2. Clean and Dry both the plate and the candlestick.

3. Find the centre of the back of the plate and mark it with a marker pen.

4. Apply superglue to the candlestick and the bottom of the plate.

5. Firmly but gently press the candlestick onto the bottom of the plate.

6. It may be necessary to apply tape across the candlestick while the glue dries.

7. Once dry (over night or a few hours depending on the glue used) use as a display item or cake stand. Wash gently depending on the durability of the glue used.

Due to the severe lack of cake in the house I was forced to pile the plate with delicious looking jewellery instead. There will be Cake tomorrow, I promise you, my faithful readers, that. Or at least coconut candy to adorn the cake stand. I found the plate at Heanor Antiques Centre, its not an antique, its from 1996, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Bronte sisters poetry. I'm not a Bronte fan, but I am obsessed with writing on things, some of you may have guessed this with the cooing I have done over fabric with writing on, the book page illustrations I create, and the random drabbles and writing I do.


nickynackynoo said...

Fantastic idea!

SNOW QUEEN said...

That great! I would never think up anything like that, I love the plate you used too! :0)

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

great cake stand Meri and such delicious jewellery!

Bigbluebed said...

It looks lovely.
A great glue is E6000.

Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant idea! I have been looking for some cake stands for when I start doing fairs but they are so pricey. I think I might follow this and make my own then I can have them exactly as I want. Thanks for the tutorial.

Amy x

Izabela said...

I really like the look of it! thanks for sharing the tip and the jewellery looks very yummy :)

JuliaB said...

What a good idea! I have loads of redundant Candle Sticks!! x

simply*U* said...

I love the idea!!
Looks wonderful with the jewelry on it...miam!
I'll have to try it this summer!

Katy said...

great tutorial - I love it!

Craft Matters said...

What a brilliant idea. I have been craving a cake stand for some time now...

Desiree said...

Fabulous! I've seen these around blog-land but needed a little tutorial. I just picked up a crystal candelstick and gorgeous plate and will be attempting this once I pick up some glue!

Handicrafts18 said...

nice tutorials.