Monday, 27 July 2009

porcelain butterfly

porcelain butterfly button by Elaine Lim-Newton

Sunday morning M, the Boy and I carted ourselves round to Blackbrook house in Belper for a fabulous summer fete by Fabulous Places. There were stands of fabulousness, handmade crafts, delicious food and some pretty things that were in the made somewhere else category. We had fun the Boy got to make button badges, and had some locally made ice-cream. M had a burger and ice cream, we bought bread from the lovely people from the Loaf (a lovely bakery at Crich that makes sour dough). And I found some green tomatillo salsa from a local company that is just starting out, their website isn't up yet but I have portioned out a small bit of salsa and it is gorgeous and authentically Mexican. I will be emailing them soon to see what other gorgeous Mexican treats they have, because you really can't get good Mexican food in Derbyshire, but that's no real surprise.

One of the last tables I visited before the Boy fleeced me out of the last money in my wallet to play tombola again was a porcelain stall of Elaine Lim-Newton's pretty handmade goods. I bought the lovely little pink porcelain butterfly button from her, though I fear I didn't talk very much as it was very busy. I would have bought more if the Boy hadn't been tugging at my hand wanting to get ice cream and play the games again. I have googled Elaine but she doesn't appear to have a blog at this time, but she is a local artist so I'm sure I will be able to track her creations down at local galleries and events.


Becca said...

Thanks for pointing me towards the fabulousplaces website - I've been living in Derby for the past 7 years and had never heard of it or quite a few of the places mentioned! Have made a list of places I want to go now :)

Claire said...

Just had another browse of your blog and was struck by echoes of my own!

My most recent post is brownies too, I was with Deb from Fabulous places yesterday (although I missed the Fete unfortunately), I have been talking to the guys at the loaf and I also saw Elaine Lim-Newton's work, and loved it.

I saw her at 'This is Bazaar' at The Royal Derby hospital and spoke to her about her lovely ceramics. We need to get her blogging so we can see more of her wares.

Enjoy your brownies.