Tuesday, 9 March 2010

what the dormouse said...

lovely pretty things for me

Last Friday I recieved my Alice in Wonderland Swap from Sandy and I was over the moon with the assorment of goodies she sent me from the States. Jiffy Pop popcorn which was snagged by matt almost immediatly as his alone to pop! Some awesome strawberry cream heart shaped Peeps (which were torn into not long after I snapped these quick photos), red vines licorice, Alice in Wonderland hair clips, teal blue hair extensions, and blue sparkly nailpolish and some fantastic fabrics.

Oh and knee socks with hearts on them which I wore on saturday and kept my feet very warm as it was freezing all day. I haven't opend the packet of pens or the march stamps and the fab cake mixing spatulas that H wandered off with and put away in the drawer. Sanday also included some Alice in Wonderland type eyeshadows and sewed a little black and white checkered bag that everything was hidden away in. I'll be uploading the photos to the Alice in Wonderland Craft Swap group on Flickr soon so you can have a proper nosey around at all the fantasticly curious things that have been swapped.

Matt popping the popcorn

I havne't gone to see the movie yet as it has been planned to be a book group outing with my friends and possibly Matt too but it's killing me as I'm so eager to see it. I have also promised H we would get a copy of the Disney cartoon on dvd or itunes download to put on the ipod touch as he is determined that he should go see Alice in Wonderland with me because it looks awesome! I'll blog about what I sent soon, but for now I have uploaded a few photos to my flickr which I will add to the previously mentioned AIW Swap Group Pool.


Melissa said...

Those socks are to-die-for.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

nice loot!
i'm requesting that i'm taken to see Alice as my Mother's day treat -
my son is desperate to see it too but i'm not sure he'll {shut the hell up} enjoy it 'cause he's only{very wriggly}five.

thanks for organizing this swap i got my goodies today and they are AMAZING!!!