Tuesday, 16 March 2010

THe Mad Hatter's Tea Party

A week or two ago I followed a tweeted link to a competition to win a ticket to the Ideal Home Show, plus a friend, to have tea at...... 'a fabulous Mad Hatters Tea Party at 5pm in the elaborately themed Alice in Wonderland garden,with a selection of tea’s from Twinings, Cupcakes from Baketique and beautiful hats from British Milliner Emma Fielding. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive free Beauty Treatments, and will be treated like a total VIP all day!' .... I never thought I would win in a million billion years because I'm not really the winning sort.. I think it must skip a generation because my dad can win at anything, and I pretty sure H could win anything he set his little heart on if he tried.

I'm not a complete loser mind, I have won other giveaways but not on the scale some lucky crafters do, but that's OK. Perhaps things are looking up for me, we go on holiday in two weeks time (to visit some close friends in the San Francisco Bay Area for a few days before flying to Spokane, WA and driving to Idaho to visit with my parents for a few weeks), the sun has actually come out to shine in the sky like some magical orb nearly forgotten about, and yesterday was Mothering Sunday so I got flowers and got to do nothing all day (mostly)!

So anyway where was I? oh yes I won tickets to a fabulous event, with hats apparently, but I don't know if I will be able to get down to London (train tickets are expensive) and don't know if I can rope anyone to go with me (Matt says he isn't bothered about going and grumbled about it being 5 days before we fly and the day before his birthday too). What to do ....what to do.....???



Chrissy said...

wow! GO GO GO of course! I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake finding someone to attend with, anyone would jump at the chance.
When is it? I'll start begging you to take me if it doesn't coincide with the fair on Sunday that I'm signed up for!

J said...

How utterly fantastic - CONGRATULATIONS!
How can you not go, you'll never get the chance to do this again. It's not everyday you get the chance to be treated like a VIP for the day.
Just think of the wonderful memories you'll have from the day.

Sue said...

Wow how fab, lucky you, you must go and if you want a mad tea loving companion pick me pick me! if not have fun, love your blog, Sue xx

Zaphod Camden said...

Are you kidding? Of course you go! That's why you entered the competition in the first place, yeah?

Groupie's a bit of a professional competition entrant and she won a makeover & photoshoot in London last year, not her usual sort of thing but she still went and loved every minute of it.

Think of the story you'll be able to tell afterwards... and enjoy yourself!

Talia said...

Take me!

In all honesty though, you have to go! It seems like such an amazing experience I'm sure you'll kick yourself forever if you don't take it up.

And cupcakes!! And hats!!

Flame said...

if it wasn't a thursday I'd be there! unless I can convince Boy it is a birthday outing....

Louby Lou said...

Congratulations! As one of the 'I never win' brigade I completely understand the feeling when that once in a blue moon win occurs. You so totally have to go and indulge in your good luck, have fun and take lots of piccies!