Sunday, 16 May 2010

Day 03 — A favourite television program

Ok I admit it I'm a total tv junkie, there I said it you happy? I don't watch soaps, sports, game shows, or dramas but give me a a team of lab geeks, anti heroes, vampires, dolls, misfits, or just plain run of the mill geeks and I'm a happy bunny. I don't know what to choose a lot of my favourite shows have been cancelled Dollhouse, Veronica Mars, and Firefly to name a few. I adore Glee (its a total guilty pleasure, except for when a few cringe worthy songs are played and I have to hide behind a cushion (you know which ones I mean if you watch the show). I watch all three CSIs, Criminal Minds, and Bones for the gory murder mystery (and the stellar acting *ahem*). Fringe fills the gap that the X-Files left, and I laugh at every episode of the Big Bang Theory. I could probably go on for days.

I think that this question needs a special show though, so I choose Supernatural not for the pretty, or the awesome tunes, northe monster of the week, or the car, or the pie, or the epic cheeseyness but for the friendship that show has brought me. Supernatural lead to a friendship with Flame and Serenity, who are fabulous and I have met them not just on my computer but have met them in the real world too. Supernatural is that awesome it brings friends together.


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The Siansburys household loves this show too.. :D