Monday, 17 May 2010

Day 04 — A favourite book

I probably read as much as I watch tv... more when I get into bookworm mode. I read mainly fantasy, sci-fi, horror, craft books and various paranormal/urban/fantasy/romance/horror/watchamacallit books. I love to get lost in a book and be somewhere far away from the mundane of everyday. I have so many favourite books and authors that I think I will pick something at random.

Illusion by Paula Volsky, I have read the book twice and would happily read it again if I hadn't inadvertently traded it in sometime in California or Idaho. I may need to order the book again so that I have it and can read it again. Its set in an alternative Earth of the French Revolution where magic exists. I really enjoyed the book it is beautifully descriptive and utterly fascinating.

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