Saturday, 9 June 2007

Ghost in the Hall

I have been toying with nostalgia today, I have visited and registered with my high school graduation class. Looking up a few names from a deliberately forgotten time. Lets face facts high school is hell, pure and simple, with a few bright spots more or less, but we were all condemned to walk the halls.

I wasn't a popular kid, mind you despite my four-eyed status I like to think that I wasn't a complete loser, my grades were good enough but I wasn't some complete ass kisser. I wasn't the member of a clique, and there were cliques, Montgomery High being just as cliched as any other high school. I had a few close friends but mostly I was a ghost in the hall just trying to be noticed and not fit in. I was never one with the in crowd, I could never be I didn't drive a bmw to school I didn't have all the trendy clothes, we weren't poor well most of the time we weren't I just couldn't give a damn about clothes or fitting in.

I was more of the apathetic sort of student, I would probably been a goth if it didn't require so much effort. As it was I did seem to wear quite a lot of black, but eyeliner wasn't me. I'm not even sure if any of my past classmates would recall me, just another brown haired, brown eyed, average ghost. I can't think what would be worse not being remembered at all or being remembered for all the wrong reasons. I tried to avoid the pitfalls of student life, and tried to get on with things, sure I probably missed out on a lot of things but there isn't really anything that I regret really, I have always been a bit shy and reserved but I still managed to make friends with some rather cleaver people. As for the rest of the school well there are a lot of people that I don't miss and hope that grew beyond what they once were, and if not well karma's a bitch and I hope they get bitten on the ass.

I e-mailed a few people from the past and will wait and see if anyone remembers me, or if I trully was just a ghost in the hall.

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