Tuesday, 5 June 2007

What the Doormouse Said

Alys has been living with us for a week now and has settled into the family home pretty well in my opinion. M is absoloulty enchanted with her, having never been witness to the antics of kittens, which are a hell of a lot more intresting that a hamster going round and round a wheel, and they are quite cute I suppose in there own up all night while you try to sleep sort of way. I don't really get along too well with rodents, a friends of mine used to love rats, I never got that retched creatures enough of them in the world that you just don't need them for a pet. Guinea pigs, well they say that they are a delicacy in the andies, I can't say I would ever try it but I'm pretty sure that about all they are good for as the only thing I have ever know is to be bitten by one that was suposedly very friendly.

I did have a rabbit once, the cat ate it. Well I got blamed for leaving the cage open, which I did not, and one of that cats got it and well ate it. Had a hamster once too, it was awake all night bit people for no reason even though was handled properly, it had babies then ate them for no reason (no one touched them or messed with anything she just had them one night and the next night she ate all but one. Cheerful story teller aren't I? Don't let me get started on my animal tales of woe, or we will be here all week. Anyway cats are good, dogs are good, rodents are for rodent traps. Yeah yeah I know I'm evil and not giving rodentia a fair trial. and what about the capybera and there are always ferrets, and what about the. I say my cat will eat your rats, well Starbuck would at least give it the cold shoulder and Alys is probably smaller than a rat still but she might squeek at it a bit, and she terrorizes toy mice at least.

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