Wednesday, 6 June 2007

A Piece of Cake

I was going to do some baking today, but as we haven't done the shopping I'm a bit limited on ingredients, I have no eggs, no butter, no milk, no vanilla. So there will be no cake unless I fetch some ingredients from town after going to the gym later as I intend to do having not been for over a week and a half. Due to being shattered from camping, H being miserable with a cold then passing it on to me so I have been miserable with a cold and unable to do anything but whimper a bit on the sofa.

But I'm all better now, cue dramatic coughing fit, no really I am just a bit of a sore throat but I always get that, bad tonsils you know. After gym then its time to drag H to his swim lesson so he can throw fits of god awfulness, followed by terrible cheekiness in equil measure, then floods of hysterics at being asked to jump into water that he can touch his toes to the bottom of the pool. Meanwhile I stand there clutching my offering of coins or chocolate as his reward for just getting on with it and doing as his instructors bid him to. But at least he hasn't puked in the pool for a while, that was such a proud moment.

So now that I have been on about sick, back to the cake rack as it were. If I can be bothered I might get a few things from the co-op to feed my baking obsession, I need milk anyway to feed my coffee cravings so its only fair really. I have a recipe for a lemon drizzle cake but was considering making it into a lime one as I prefer lime with possibly a creamcheese icing. mmm

or I might just buy some vicounts and save cake baking for tommrow when H can help (hinder) and then I have somone to clean out the batter bowl besides me. I can share gracefully.

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Frizbe said...

I'll happily try some of that cake, sounds fab :-)