Friday, 4 January 2008

Garnet and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

garnet and freshwater pearl bracelet

I just finished making this about ten minutes ago and love the play of light on the garnet and pearl together. Its a delicate and small bracelet but I'm so in love with the simplicity of how things can be lovely and not terribly fussy and overly complicated. not that complicated is always a bad thing, except maybe for me trying to understand a knitting pattern.

more posts to come soon but off to Belper today for lunch at Fresh Basil and for H to play and Chucklebutties soft play centre... oh and did I mention that there just happens to be a bead shop in Belper? ;o)


Unknown said...

Very lovely !

Simple & classy - just like me. The SIMPLE bit, not necessarily the classy bit :)

Adele said...

Very pretty!! Some lovely work here!!

love Dingle.x

Annie B said...


you've really gone for this bead thing haven't you? They all look great!

Julie Spriddle said...

That is pretty. :)