Saturday, 8 December 2007

Lincoln Christmas Market

Lincoln Christmas Market is one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe, and as such it is very impressive, Especially if you get the weather right. Last night was crisp and cold but thankfully there was no rain to spoil the festivities. We found parking, imbibed coffee, and clambered up Steep Hill to the Cathedral Quarter and wandered around stall after stall of Mulled wine, hot spiced cider, fudge, glazed nuts, and German biscuits. If you haven't been its definitely worth a trip, H thought it was wondrous, especially the big wheel, bumper cars, cotton candy, and hot chocolate.

I'm not so sure about the sea chantey singers though H was quite impressed. There are some lovely shops in Lincoln besides the Market, and we had a nice if rather brief wander through a few brightly lit shops filled with pretty baubles. From a little deli shop we bought Marmite bread, and Linconshire Imp Cheese. I annoyed everyone by looking at all the jewelry and craft stalls, A girl can dream can't she?



Unknown said...

Oh wow! It looked fab. I wish we had something like that down here in freezing cold Berkshire.

RichT said...

That one of those things I've been meaning to go to for ages, I will diary it for next year.

Frizbe said...

Take me too Richard!!! I'd love to go, maybe Neve will be old enough for a good walk next year (its hell with a buggy apparently) or maybe Grandma will be in the country for babysitting??

RichT said...

Unfortunately Reality Bites that weekend next year.