Friday, 16 May 2008

Paris and a Giveaway

Nortre Dame

We have arrived back in one piece from a fast and furious trip to Paris, three mums, three 4 year old (going on 14 I'm pretty sure) kids, H and his two best girl friends. It could have been hell it could have constantly rained, and the kids could have continuously fought, sulked, and whined the two days and one night away. But the kids were great save towards the late afternoon of the first day as we steered them towards the apartment we had for the night. It was quite possibly the most heartbreaking thing you ever saw, me and my two friends dragging our respective children along as they stumbled along in a sleep deprived daze. Bless.

I had been to Paris once before with M on our one year anniversary, M says we went up into the Eiffel tower which I cannot remember for the life of me, I'm not terribly keen on heights and tall things to begin with so I'm not really surprised I didn't remember. Mostly we wandered around the streets cooing over pretty buildings, prettier patisseries, and lovely chocolatiers, and all this french and cosmopolitan. The children were cooed over, and photographed by Japanese families. When asked what their favourite thing about the trip was the kids replied "Going up the Tower", "Pain au Chocolat" , or "the carousels" and apparently they are already planning another trip, though how they will get there without any mums I'm not sure.

We had a great time, H was quite enamoured of the metro system and was very proud to get to put his own little ticket into various machines. I was really impressed at how good the kids were, and they actually managed a few "Merci"s and "Bonjour"s without any prompting, I on the other hand did manage hello, pardon, and thank you, but that's about the extent of my french, I took Spanish in school, which means I can understand Spanish on a level slightly above Dora the Explorer.

My only regret for the trip is that we encountered some used book stalls on the street and I didn't buy anything because it was the first day and I didn't want to carry it around all afternoon and the next day. I'm kicking myself now as I want to make some more of the painted pages I have been doing and a french book would have been great. Next time I guess... and yes there will be I have told M there will be we might even drag his mum along, free holiday for her free babysitting for us!

The Eiffel Tower

The Pompidou Centre


OK now that that boring travel stuff is over with on to the give away portion of this post.

This post is number 200 and as such I think that calls for a give away don't you? I think you do so her goes, leave me a lovely comment, and they are all lovely and next Monday I will draw a random winner.

.....oh yes I nearly forgot the prize!


Item one is this small (4 1/2 x 4 1/2) painted page of a coffee/tea cup or similar as I am willing to make something unique for my winner, just tell me something that you like (toadstools, fairies, cupcakes, vintage, etc ). I also need you to tell me your favourite colour as I am also including a semi-precious beaded key chain made just for the winner. Good luck!

The drawing for the give away is now closed. The winner will be posted within the hour.


Miaou said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Paris! Weather looks gorgeous. Love your blog. Personally I am a toadstool fan myself ;-)

Hells said...

Looks like a great trip!! Pity about the book, how often have we all done that though. I still kick myself about not getting the lovely striped fabric I once saw in a flea market. Oh the things I could be making with that as we speak.
I am a toadstool fan, and trees, and fairies and boats I like anything artistic and beautiful really. So that's pretty much you (well I don't know that - your work at least!!)

Purple Sparkle said...

I've just come accross your blog, it's wonderful!
I've always been tempted to buy from those beautiful book stalls in Paris too, I did only once, and it's an old copy of Anne Frank's journal in French, and I can't bear to take the cellophane wrapper off!
Anyway, nice to meet you!
Becky :-)

Suzanne Vaughan said...

Meri - I LOVE Paris...

My favourite thing is hearts, so a painted one would be lovely. Favourite colours are red, hot pink and turquoise.

Thank you

kamewh said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! I love coffee decore as this is what my kitchen is currently decorated in!

Katy said...

Sounds like a great trip. I love paris so much.
I am a tea cup or toadstool fan...and I love green, or red. So count me in!!!!

Chloe said...

Ahhh Paris.
Is been a few years since I've been and I was petrified of going up the Eiffel Tower!
Your new pictures are fab. How could I resist.
I love flowers, particularly hanging flowers. As for colours, bright and vibrant is my thing at the moment.

Kari said...

My sister went to Paris when she was in high school on an exchange program. And my husband has been on a military tour of duty. Im so jealous of them both!! Thanks for the contest!!

AnnieB said...

ooooh, sounds like a lovely mini-break. Would love to go to Paris again, I love it too. One of my fav things (as you know) is tea, so anything tea related would be fab. I am currently really into vintage teacups. My fav colours are green, purple, rose pink...

congrats on 200 post btw - wow!

Frizbe said...

Don't count me in on the draw, it wouldn't be fair! but YAY glad you enjoyed Paris :-) we loved it, can't wait to go again, dd1 will always have a companion for going there :-)

jessilynn said...

Anything to do with the beach, sea shells, starfish, sunshine, waves and my favorite color is blue.

Thank you for your giveaway and glad you enjoyed your trip to lucky girl! Take care!

megan said...

wow Paris looked lovely - i've never been but would love to -maybe one day.How about a mumsnet crafters wild weekend?!!

as for the give away YES PLEASE!!!
i loved the poison apple tree and the toadstools were fab too

x vInTaGe VioLeT x

Anonymous said...

I like cupcakes & purple


Toystory said...

I would like something in RED... because I would love to hang it in my guest bedroom - no specific subject.

Margy said...

I visit Paris often for work and then there is nothing romantic if you are crammed in the metro with hunderds of others.
Must visit it with my husband, that will give it a differnt feel. Your trip sounds wonderful.
I love blue and white flowers for my new nursery.