Friday, 9 May 2008

The Ticking of Limes

This morning I dragged all my beads out, and there are quite a few now as I got 3 lots of beads in the post yesterday. The first creation is a watch that I have a commission for, I'm happy with it so far but I'm waiting on some more clear quartz beads that I may swap for the ice flake quartz used in this first attempt at a beaded watch. The second is a watch using white quartz and lime jade, though I think the oval jade beads are more of an acid lemon colour than a lime colour. Its very summery and bright.

My intention is to do some painting and drawing later this afternoon or once I have had more coffee to keep me going. I need to sort the house out its an absolute and utter tip but we are having the bathroom done and its such a mess everywhere I have lost the will to wield duster and hoover.

Some recipes will be popping up soon and this post makes 197 so I think that calls for a give away when I hit 200.. don't you? Any Ideas for a give away? I thought something along the lines of a commisioned bracelet/earrings or possibly a small painting... give me your ideas please.

iceflake quartz and white jade beaded watch

white quartz and lime jade bracelet


chrissnow said...

The world has gone toadstool mad!!! Including me. Love the colour of the lemon/lime bracelet.

Miaou said...

I just love that little toadstool picture!!

That bracelet looks really nice with the watch (I like them both!)

AnnieB said...

love the white and lime bracelet too - those green beads look like they need to be sucked (though maybe it's just me!)

Bloggy Mama said...

Your latest pieces are gorgeous. I've been admiring the toadstools, too. So cute!

Frizbe said...

Both lovely, I think your giveaway is a lovely idea too :-)