Friday, 9 May 2008

Toadstools and Tea

toadstools, tea, and printed words

I really was going to do the housework honest but I just had this idea in my head inspired by the plushie toadstool that LucyKate has done a beautiful tutorial for, alas my skills with a needle are quite lacking so instead I painted one. Well actually its slightly more complicated than that, I had a vintage children's book that was in very poor condition so I cut out the pages and stained a page with a tea bag, let it dry then painted it with watered down acrylics. Technically its black tea-ed down as I used the left over bit of black tea from staining the page as my water cup. I'm not sure if that is lazy or not but it was fun and I think the fun bit is what crafting is all about.


Katy said...

lazy or not, it looks great!

Frizbe said...

Looks great and I think may possibly sell for you then my love?