Monday, 15 September 2008

Dyed Turquoise

dyed turquoise and onyx bracelet

I found these lovely square dyed turquoise beads on a trip to Spellbound Beads in Lichfield on Saturday. The string of beads was reduced as it was missing a few and they were also having a sale on semi-precious beads so it was meant to be. I love the pairing of the turquoise and the black faceted onyx.

dyed turquoise and sterling silver

With the remainder of the string of beads I made this simple one, I love the feel of the beads they sit well on your wrist and the colour is so vibrant. I could have spent all day digging through different trays of beads before being shouted at by H that he was a) hungry b) thirsty and c) board to tears. oh well next time then.

oh and to round off my playing with bead I made this simple little key chain with some lovely purple beads that Bobbi sent to me ages ago as a gift with an order. I can't remember what stone they are, my brain is frazzeled and caffeine deprived, but seeing as I broke my normal keychain I needed something to carry my keys.


Frizbe said...

lovely bracelet, love the new keychain you got sent too!

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

mmmm...... those bracelets are Beautiful . . . .if only i had more arms - lol x

Vonnie said...

Beautiful work, I really love the turquoise bracelet.

Claire said...

Beautiful jewellery - Spellbound beads used to visit out student union in Stoke when I was at Uni there (94-97)so it's good to know they are still going. I still have some jewellery I made then, and they always had some lovely things.

Hells said...

Loving the turqoise.