Monday, 1 September 2008

two hundred and fifty

Percival likes to Party
No not the new house number but this is my 250th blog post! I know I have been scarce since the last post ages ago, but we still haven't got an Internet connection at our new home. The move went well, though the things we own seem to have multiplied and there seem to have been far more boxes of unidentified objects than previously thought. M had man-flu and the busiest wedding weekend of the year (10 weddings in all though M only shot 5 of them, he had to edit them all) so it was up to me to sort out boxes(moving boxes upstairs that needed to be down stairs), build furniture (much swearing was involved), and filling a massive skip full to the brim with garden rubble), stripping of hideous dark wallpaper(H helped), and painting over a godawful blue in the bathroom (4 freaking coats of cream).

There is still a lot of work to be done on the house, there is a sinkhole in the kitchen in front of the sink from water damage, leaking radiator, burnt kitchen cupboard door, weird lighting and wiring, dark yellow painted ceiling in the living room, doors that are so dark they might as well be painted black, and a garden that was so neglected we discovered a broken shed hidden under a clematis plant, and a magnolia tree being smothered to death by some evil laylandaii trees. It will get done bit by bit, and its not all together a money pit, the house on its own is beautiful, on a lovely little Close, a driveway and garage, a second bathroom, a dinning kitchen and dozens of children live on the street and H has been slowly integrating himself into their society. We are all happy and the absolute best bit is I get a craft room/office!

M thinks it will be his office too but once its strewn with half finished craft projects I think me may abandon all hope... Besides he is a photographer he has his own studio to play in... I want one piece of the house to put my beads, my paints... my books, and call it mine.. some place other than the kitchen, because we already established the fact that the kitchen is my domain and M is only tolerated in it.

In celebration of moving and reaching 250 posts I would like to offer a giveaway. As to what I giveaway, well you tell me, leave me a comment telling me something about yourself, you favourite book, fairy tale, colour that makes you happy and I will give the winner a commisioned piece, it may be art it may be jewellery, it will be a surprise specially made for the winner. So please leave a comment and in a week's time, on Monday the 8th of September I will draw a winner and create something special just for them.


megan said...

wow - 250 posts - wow again!!

a giveaway you say :0)

i love buttons and bracelets and poisoned apple trees and my favourite fairytale is little red - i think that should be enough to go on!!!
i bet H is loving all the company on his doorstep - house sounds great awful decor aside!

incywincy said...

Now that's a very exciting giveaway!! Happy 250th post (again). x

I love buttons & beads and all things sparkly :) & chocolate makes me happy!

jezzabell said...

Happy 250th post! Thats a great number 4 times this and you have 1000...
I love my children and for them I am reducing my working hours

I love browns, ecru, love chocolate and of course crafting!


jillytacy said...

I'm glad your move has gone so well. It sounds like you have a beautiful new home with lots of potential. Bit by bit you'll fix it to be just as you want it.
Congratulations on 250 posts! I'm slowly sneaking up on 100. I love jewelery but I really love your paintings on the book pages. I love all fairytales and traditional stories. I'm not picky.

Weedwacler said...

Happy 250 Postings!

I love all handmade things, artsy coffee mugs, buttons, cashmere and pretty shawl pins.

My favorite fairy tale is Bambi because I went to see it at the movies when I was little.

oggsfrog said...

A room just for crafting. I'm jealous.

I think my favourite fairytale would have to be either to be Snow-White and Rose-Red (being dark haired Rose-Red was my favourite of the two) or Rumpelstiltskin.

I was always drawn to the more macabre ones with nasty little dwarves with long beards and evil witches.
I love Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Katy said...

stand your ground girly - you'll get that craft room!!!! (you realise you hold all the power, just deny him any home cooking)

A giveaway too - ooh, although I should sit out coz I've won before...but I shan't coz I'm greedy. hahahahahahahahaha

My fave fairy tale is little red, but the wolf is my fave character - love him in that cloth cap of granny's.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Happy New House!!
Happy 250 Posts!!
How do you find the time??? And are you sure it's yellow paint on the ceilings? The last house we moved into (before this one)has yellowy walls and ceilings. It was several million years worth of nicotine staining! Nice!!
Don't include me in the giveaway cuz I'm in the Fairy Tale swap already, but well done. x

Chloe said...

Blimey, 250 posts!
Great to hear that the move went well. So many things can go wrong. Its nice to hear when people manage it without any hiccups. the house sounds lovely too.

What a great giveaway. Very kind of you.
I love your jewellery as you know, bright colours that contrast. I also love Citrine, smokey quartz and peridot.

lottie said...

Happy New Home & Happy 250th Post (I have a while to go before I reach that!)
I am not very good at winning things ( sympathy vote ;) ) but I will give it a go!
Favourite things....anything vintage, anything sparkley,faded colours, old lace, buttons & beads...As for fairy tale I like 'the frog prince' (still looking for mine!)or Grimm's fairytales/Aesop's fables.

AnnieB said...

hey - very glad you've managed the move and sound so happy

I'd love to be in your draw as I LOVE your stuff

love green, LOVE button thieves, love your jewellry, love it all

congratulations on 250 posts!

Swirlyarts said...

Ooooh - congrats on your 25oth post. I like buttons, chickens and bright colours!

Vonnie said...

Congratulations on your 250th post - what an achievement!

Oh! Gosh I never realised how hard it is to talk about myself. Okay, well my favourite book is Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, my favourite fairy tale has got to be Hansel and Gretel (it always resonated with me as I'm very close to my sister), the colour that makes me happy is pink - I'm just obsessed with pink. My hair is pink, my iPod is pink, my organiser is pink. It just makes me so cheerful!

Anonymous said...

congrats on 250 posts and for moving into your home! sounds simmilar to what we moved into... dark country blue cupbards & walls, dark cupbards in kitchen, dark wood panneling on living room celine and in entry way, one of the kids room was bright 'bubble gum' pink from top to bottom! (of coarse, that's just the tip of the iceburg. not to mention the mold growing in the linnen closet and on the kids bedroom floor) after I gave the house a make-over, it's quite nice!
anyway, for the giveaway... I love all fairytales, fairies, mermaids, birds, mushrooms, sparkly things, whatever you'ld like to make!

Craft Matters said...

Wow - congrats on your 250th post & what an excellent idea to have a giveaway ;)

I like strong colours like purple, orange & red & anything stylishly vintage. I love the Princess & the Pea - but maybe that's because I should be in bed!!

Miaou said...

Congrats on your 250th post, well done! Glad to hear you are in and settled. Well, ish ;-)

Me, I love purple and apple green, not a sparkly person though.

I had a horrendous bathroom to contend with when I moved house - I like purple, but not in a very small bathroom ... eeek!

Ayama-chan said...

Happy 250 posts!! Ah the joys of moving. On the bright side it is your place so you can do what you will with it. When we eventually buy our own place, the first thing I am going to do is paint a wall, just because I can.

Oh, I am not entering your giveaway (lovely as it is). Drowning in little people craft supplies at the moment.....

Loves?? The pixie mischief monkey, sewing, cooking, making stuff with the pixie mischief monkey.... Among many things....

tillyboo said...

Well done on 250 posts, blimey O' Riley ...

I love horses and fresh air, flowers and most of all my beautiful little girl, Boo. My fav fairytale is Princess and the Pea but I love all Grimm stories too.

Hope the house is getting sorted x

Frizbe said...

Congrats on the 250 posts!
and Happy New House :-)

Hells said...

I can totally sympathise with house decor nastiness (won't go into details that would be a 250 page post!!).
Things that make me happy at the moment are things that take my mind off giving up the demon fags. I love beady lovliness, turquoise and knitting...

Claire said...

Well done on achieving 250 posts (It'll take me about 20 years to get to that point the rate I blog at!!) and I'm really pleased the move went well - I echo Katy in saying put your foot down about your craft room. If he has a studio, you need one too all things being equal.
This isn't really a fairy tale but I love the Wizard of Oz (why I wore ruby red slippers at my wedding, oh my!) although anything slightly dark and twisted I like - AS Byatt has written some great fairy tales for adults, or Grimms fairy tales. I like red, and apples and mushrooms and anything a bit odd. Here's to the next 250 posts!! xx

Anonymous said...

i love the little red riding hood

how pretty

congrats on your 250th post

TheMadHouse said...

You are so creative - your stuff is fantastic. I love the button theif

Twims said...

Gosh 250 posts I struggle to write my second