Sunday, 7 September 2008

poison apple jewellery and a blunder into the Surreal

poison apple bracelet- onyx and red jade
Well I had my first fair experience today at the Marehay show.. not technically a crafts fair... it was different... not all together bad.. the venue changed about three times due to the rain and we ended up squashed in at the Marehay Miners Welfare.. yes it was as dire as it sounds.... and we were pushed up against the wall in a room with all the show vegetables, so even though the fair was to open at 12 it didn't until nearly two because the judges were so intensely viewing the vegetable entries....the day was filled with muttering old biddies, grumbling old coots arguing the toss over who's cabbage was best, and there were some shop bought beets and corn that were severely disqualified.
My competition in the jewellery stakes was a stall selling very cheap plastic and glass and metal (not even pretty glass in my opinion) I was a bit confused with what wares she was actually selling as she was a bit slap happy with the makeup the satellites she wore for hoop earrings and apparently she left the house before she put a skirt on. Not that I'm a prude but put some clothes on woman. I sold a few pieces about £41 which isn't bad for Ripley, had a few inquiries and handed out some of my cards.
My sales though were to my Mother in Law, two friends who bought a bracelet each, a lovely mute lady who my fellow stall holders thought was being rude before they figured out she couldn't speak. and A drunken lout who bought a key chain for his girlfriend.
oh and did I mention the pornographic flower arranging demonstrations? three of them in all... all about wide bottoms, tassels, and blowing roses to open them up.. very peculiar day...
strawberries and cream - white jade and strawberry quartz
In preparation for yesterday's surreal experience of attending Marehay Show to have half a craft stall I have been busy making a few bits and pieces of jewellery. I ordered the red jade beads a few days ago and they are delicious looking, beautifully vibrant and juicy looking, like ripe red berries, or poison apples, and pair beautifully with the black onyx coin beads. I got loads of interest buy not buyers for the piece at Marehay show, its not really the thing that biddies and codgers like to purchase, perhaps a bit too goth for granny?

Gilbert the ghost- embroidery wip

oh and meet Gilbert The Ghost. Gilbert is small and not terribly good at being scary, he likes spagetti westerns, 80's movies, and has an unhealth obsession with musicals.

he is a work in progress from a quick doodle in my go-everywhere- notebook. He is embroidered because I havne't got my paints unpacked just yet. But keep a look out, I'm sure he will find his way into acrylics and vintage book pages sometime soon.

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jillytacy said...

It sounds like a very unique experience! I like the red and black combination on the poison apple bracelet. Great name for it!

Julie said...

Flower pornography??????!!!!

Very pretty bracelets by the way; I particularly like the pink Strawberries and Cream one. :)

Vonnie said...

Sounds like a bloody nightmare, well done you for sticking it out.

Bracelets are gorgeous! Lovely work.

Ayama-chan said...

So coots and codgers haven't died out with my late other Gran??? Unfortunately this kind of granny/grandpa set have died out in the land of OZ. Did they have those broad English country accents to boot?? Can imagine it. Frustration and entertainment all in one, what more can you want?? Your jewellery is great and like that little ghostie.

Frizbe said...

psssst Meridian I think I have Julies Xmas prezie covered there then ;-) if you've not sold it of course! I recommend shows in Duffield, Belper and Ashover to make money, Crich isn't bad too on the run upto Xmas, or Fritchley!

Anonymous said...

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