Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Its all Done with Smoke and Silver

smokey quartz and sterling silver braclet

A few pieces of jewellery I crafted yesterday in a attempt to get some more stock for they esty shop and to take up to the shop in town that has been selling my jewellery for me. I adore the hill tribe silver toggle clasp on the smokey quartz bracelet. And the red and white polkadot bracelet looks good enought to eat.

I'll be posting again later today or tommorrow... a bit about Halloween, homesickness for the states, and the state of the house (we have a fence now!) brownies, and the school PTA...

Polkadot bracelet- red and white jade

pale faceted rose quartz and sterling silver


Frizbe said...

lovely bracelets, particularly like the 1st one.

Saucy said...

These are lovely pieces, I especially like the smoke and silver.