Sunday, 6 February 2011

blue sun tea towel

Blue Sun logo tea towel

Blue Sun is the logo for a fictional conglomeration in the Firefly verse. I like to think of it as the Starbucks or McDonald's of the Firefly verse. The logo can be found everywhere on the show, tin cans, ads, and clothing. I love Firefly, in my mind it is the best of Joss Whedon's many brilliant shows. Though very short lived, it was cancelled after 13 episodes, it has a huge browncoat following that made it possible to make the movie Serenity (which I love to bits and makes me tear up every gorram time I watch it).

Serenity's Crew

I bought the dvd box set for myself in January and Matt and I sat through every episode grinning away madly (or that might have just been me). I have the the soundtrack on my ipod and have been listening to it quite a bit. And I got chatting on twitter and facebook with other geeks quoting the show. I even wear a Jayne quote pin badge on my coat. Which isn't geeky enough as I felt the need to do a bit more Firefly crafting.

Blue Sun logo tea towel

Last year I bought a roll of freezer paper and its been sitting in my desk being ignored and gathering dust ever since. I have visited Whedoncraft time and again and was inspired by a few stencilled Blue Sun logo shirts. I thought it was time I got round to doing something too. I had Matt print me the logo and spent ages cutting it out with a craft knife, I am quite useless with craft knives in general but I managed not to cut myself and bleed all over my geekery. The tea towel need to be washed a few times so the fabric paint mellows down and fits in more with something found in the verse. I may even boil it in a pan of tea so it has a more aged look.

Jayne in his Blue Sun shirt

I want a Jayne hat and a Saffron scarf...unfortunately my knitting skills are lacking and my crochet is akin to making a tumor out of yarn.


Laura Sparling said...

LOVE the tea towel!

As you know via Twitter I love Firefly too. A Jayne hat would be very shiny indeed.

Laura x

Flame said...

I want Jayne's shirt

Kim Dellow said...

LOVE! Another big Firefly and Serenity fan here! Also tear up with Serenity! Great tea towel! Kimx

Anonymous said...

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jillytacy said...

My husband and I love the Firefly series too! Most of our friends had no idea what Serenity and Firefly were. It's certainly gotten more popular since it ended.